Data Science Academy

Building interdisciplinary data science community

Our Vision

Mobilize and bring together university students, PhD candidates, researchers and analysts from private and public sectors aspiring to learn the fundamentals of data handling and analysis.

Organize a series of events on fundamental topics in data science and selected focus areas led by top world universities alumni. Our portfolio includes 5-day bootcamps Winter Data School and Summer Data School, as well as one-day and one-evening community events.

Build up a cross-disciplinary community capable of sharing knowledge to solve data-related problems across multiple fields.

What our students have to say

Winter Data School Participant

Every single day was very rewarding for me. In addition to the vast amount of information, this whole week has given me a completely different, holistic view of the field of data science.

Winter Data School Participant

I appreciate the approach of the lecturers. They were very keen to share everything they learned with us, without exceptions.

Winter Data School Participant

Great choice of speakers. I had the opportunity to test my new knowledge on real-world data during the workshops. Wide overview of different topics.

Winter Data School Participant

The teaching materials were well presented. No unnecessary stuff, everything was understandable and "concise". Lots of useful tips and tricks. 100 points for me.

Winter Data School Participant

I understood the connections between many important concepts that I had previously failed to understand individually (and often unsuccessfully)

our Team

Our team is the driving force behind everything we do. Comprised of a diverse group of individuals with unique skills and perspectives.


Applied math graduate from Cambridge, experienced in machine learning models for disease prediction. Current Head of Data Science at the largest CEE private healthcare provider. Actively mentors analysts and organizes coding workshops for students.


Jakub is a biomedical data scientist studying at Oxford and specializing in oncology collaborating with British and Slovak institutions. Jakub also consults clients in life science on business and technology development, and is passionate about education of future data scientists.

Anna Zatkova

Anna studied biochemistry at University of Copenhagen. She worked as a quality assurance associate for a biological drug pharma company Biogen. She has done additional courses in Bioentrepreneurship and graphic design and is helping DSA with operations.

Laura Johanesová

Laura is a bioinformatician and biomedical scientist currently at the University of Vienna. The skills she has in R, Linux and Python are crucial for her research in regeneration and she also developed interest in biotechnology and medicine, which helped her team win the first place in a biotech incubator.


Magna cum laude economics and econometrics graduate from Rice and Oxford. Improved the risk-equalization model at the Ministry of Health and implemented ML fraud detection algorithms in Slovak healthcare. Currently a senior data scientist specializing in the health insurance industry.

Damian Harateh

UCL Computer Science graduate and a Law, Accounting & Finance graduate from University of Kent. Head of Qanuk AI, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Snowdog and organiser of Meet AI conference. Previously a Software Engineer at IBM.


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